Crop Circles Deciphered

"...signs on the earth below"(Acts 2:19; Joel 2:30)??

Crop Circles can be easily Deciphered using Biblical Numerics, Symbolism, History, Metaphors and Parables.

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Crop Circles Deciphered

Photographs Lucy Pringle 2001-2005 ,Lucy Pringle's Homepage

Sunshine Coast
Slipper Factory

Sunshine Coast Slippers

Book Table of Contents

Crop Circles: Fact or Fiction

A Few Guesses
From Guessing to Remarkable Coincidence

The 1995 "Missing Planet" Formation:
"Knock! Knock! Calling Earth! Anybody Home?"

The Decipher Key, No More Guessing
Two Messages in One Formation
Times of the Gentiles
You Have Forsaken Me
Holy Spirit
Prince of Peace
Wake Up World
Woe, Woe, Woe
He Who Has an Ear, Let Him Hear
Flip Wilson's "Here Come Da Ju-u-u-u-udge??"
Back To Guessing
Symbols, Numbers and New Names
Signs Of The Times

The above original effort was 51 pages long. It was desk-top published in April 1997 and since then the yearly world crop circle updates have been added as appendices - now a total of 302 pages.


1997 Updates: "Backgrounds"
Couch Potato
Why Southern England?
Tin Time
The Star of David
Proof at Last
Big Bang
Doug and Dave and Devils and Demons
Three Three Three, Six Six Six
1997 Odds and Ends
Stash the Cash
A Mysterious God and His Even More Mysterious New Name
1997 Hits and Misses
July 1997 Guesses

1998 Updates: "Comments, Hits and Misses"
Twelve - Fishing
Five - God's Undeserved Favor to Us
Eleven and Thirty-Three - Destruction
Six - Supersting
Ten - Zap!!
Nine - Judgment
Three - Zounds
Seven - Royalty in King David
Eight - Last Laugh in New Beginnings Indeed

1999 Updates: "Signs on the Earth Below?"

2000 Updates: "Heavenly Dimensional Shift"

2001 Updates: "Spiritual Warfare Intensifies"
2001 Updates: "Scottish Sheep Circle!!"

2002 Updates: "More Big Disbelief in God"
2002 Updates: "Spiritual Synchronicity"

2003 Updates: "The Devil be Damned"

2004 Updates: Aztec/Mayan 2012 "Transformation"

2005 Updates: The Mayan 2012 Prophesy and
"New Beginnings" in the New Jerusalem

2006 Updates: No Less Than Five Formations Indicating "Dimensional Shift"

2007 Updates: The Best Crop Circle Year So Far,
"Impending Judgment??"

2008 Updates: "New Beginnings Indeed" with Three "Crucifixion Crosses of Christ" Formations
and a "Pi" - "Signature of the True Circlemaker(s)" Formation

The Not-So-Missing "Missing Link" between Monkey and Man. For a 6 page "Missing Link" excerpt only, send $10 or 5 (price includes airmail p&h)

I've posted a number of commentaries taken from my book on the Crop Circle Connector's "Forum" web pages on some of the major 2005 - 2009 formations. Go to:
2005 - 2009 updates
and check out the 2005 - 2009 entries and then click "post subject" or "jump to post".

The Decipher Key - A Brief Beginner's Course In Biblical Numerics/Gematria
A  Theological Joke
Infinite Wisdom of God

To order your signed copy of

Crop Circles Deciphered
Clear plastic covered colored cover, 8 1/2" x 11",
Cerlox binding, 302 pages including 415 graphic illustrations,
524 photographs and all the yearly world updates since 1997.

Order by snail mail only from:

Neil Olsen
#39, Langdale RV Golf
2170 Port Mellon Highway, RR 6
Gibsons, B.C., Canada V0N 1V6

All printed book prices include surface postage and handling (add $10 or 5 or 5 Euros for airmail):
England 25
Europe 50 Euros
US $44.95
Canada $49.95 CAD (plus $3.00 GST, BC residents add $3.50 PST)

Book on CD now only $15 US/CAD, 15 Euros or 8 including taxes and airmail postage and handling. Although it might take come some time to download because its large 272 MB size, the Book on CD has several advantages over the printed book: It's much more affordable, all the photos are in color, it's much easier to find the many Internet references and links by copying them with your mouse and pasting them into your browser. You can then readily find any subject, crop glyph or formation location history (such as the oft-targeted Eastfield near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire) throughout the whole book by typing a key word into MS Word's "Edit-Find" instruction.
***Free copy of the " Book on CD" with a printed book order***

Crop circles are an on-going phenomena but there is no need to buy a new printed book each year. Just send $7 or 7 Euros or 5 per year for the yearly updates (price includes airmail postage and handling). Pages are punched so that you can easily add the yearly updates to your book by opening the Cerlox binding and inserting the update pages.

Pay by snail mail with cheque, but delivery much quicker with postal money order (Canada Post postal money order in Canada only or use International Money Order outside Canada) or bank draft (fastest delivery with bank draft).

If you provide an e-mail address with your order, you will be thus notified the day it is shipped.

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